Pushing Up Daisies

I've been really loving the amount of 90's style daisy print clothing I've been seeing around lately. It's so reminiscent of the 90's and brings back memories of the dresses I used to wear as a child.


Mink Pink

Henry Holland

Mink Pink

Betsey Johnson

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桜 (cherry blossom)

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Lost and Found

It has been a tough week, I've just lost a grandparent yesterday, which came as a shock, yet it seemed like it was a peaceful passing, which I am grateful for. so I've been in a weird mood lately, it is a bit surreal. I don't really know what to feel. It never hits me until I am at the funeral, realising that this is it and this is the way of life and there's nothing you can do about it, but grieve and learn acceptance, and strive to make each day meaningful. RIP Pop.
On a lighter note, I've been working on a new illustration which I am nearly finished! I am far more inspired to come up with ideas for personal projects as opposed to uni projects, which is bad, but ideas usually hit me when I least expect it, and sometimes I can be so inspired that I work for the whole day, other times I just cannot bring myself to do any work.

There was also another pretty rainbow in the sky on Monday.

I think I'll take a break to watch some Indiana Jones, that always makes me feel better. :)

David Bowie - Ashes to Ashes

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Sunday Afternoon

Finally finished my illustration of Ophelia!

I feel very relieved, but now I have so many ideas for new paintings that I need to get them out before my head explodes! Maybe I will have some more time to create more now.

The Kinks - Sunny Afternoon

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Inspiration #5

I've almost finished my drawing and I plan to start a new one now that I have 2 weeks of holidays. Hopefully I can be super productive during the break! I always feel better if I'm keeping myself occupied rather than staring into space and doing absolutely nothing.

Florence + the Machine - Shake it Out

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Uni has been so stressful lately, that I've been finding it difficult to have time to myself to pursue personal projects! But luckily the semester break starts after this week, so at least I can get a chance to do everything that I want to.

Floral jackets that I found at my favourite vintage shop. I am in love with the pastel one, reminds me of Saved By the Bell. I also love the bright pink, green, blue and yellow Hawaiian style one on the bottom.

Almost finished her! But I still have to paint in the flowers and add final details. I am happy with the progress. This coming break will give me time to finish this painting and start a new one, perhaps. :)

Jewelry from Sportsgirl. An Egyptian bangle (I am a sucker for anything Egyptian-related) and a diamante cross bracelet. And below are some cute rings that were 30% off the reduced price (so cheap!) I love anything to do with owls too.

A wooden own my sister bought for me whilst on exchange in Germany last year. Love her for that.

I have wanted a bowler hat for a while, and I finally found a nice wool one on sale.

I am having a bit of an obsession with ear cuffs at the moment. I've already collected around 8, and there will probably be more to come, haha. :)

Here are two songs that I am loving at the moment.
Lana Del Ray - Video Games

She has such a lovely voice.

The Cardigans - Lovefool

This song reminds me of the 90's, and Baz Luhrmann's Romeo + Juliet.

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Yesterday it started to rain out of the blue and the sky turned orange! I peered timidly out of my window and saw a lovely rainbow up in the clouds.

I found this cropped shirt whilst thrifting at my favourite new and vintage shop, it's lovely for summer and I will definitely be packing it with me for my summer holidays.

I just love this dress I found vintage shopping. It is truly amazing, with a high neck, bodycon style and super cute print, its going to be perfect for the summer months ahead.

I wanted a nice sling bag that wasn't too small, and this one from sportsgirl was perfect. It has a cute 70's vibe with the patchwork going on.

I absolutely adore these clip on 80's earrings I found at a vintage stall about a month ago. They are amazing!

I also bought these three flower wreaths from sportsgirl, as I love whimsical things like this. They're great for spring, walking amongst the gardens in the city.

Painted my nails a rather winter colour this week, I didn't feel like using a bright colour, but I think I will change it soon, as my mood improves if I'm wearing a nice happy shade. :)

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90's Nostalgia

I used to not like velvet very much except for the feel of it (the good quality fabric, not the rough cheap ones) but I've had a wave of my beloved 90's hit me and I've been wearing heaps of floral, combat boots and the like. I have one thrifted velvet skirt which comes to the knees, but I've yet to find an occasion to wear it! I need to because winter is over, but the cold weather still reigns.

Clarrissa Explains it All

My So-Called Life

Drew Barrymore

The Craft


I want to build a time machine to take me back to the carefree life of the 90's.

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