90's Nostalgia
I used to not like velvet very much except for the feel of it (the good quality fabric, not the rough cheap ones) but I've had a wave of my beloved 90's hit me and I've been wearing heaps of floral, combat boots and the like. I have one thrifted velvet skirt which comes to the knees, but I've yet to find an occasion to wear it! I need to because winter is over, but the cold weather still reigns.

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I want to build a time machine to take me back to the carefree life of the 90's.

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Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

Amazing. x hivenn

chantelle said...

wow! that navy blue topshop dress with the white collar is brilliant :) i love velvet, the word is so lovely too, isn't it?! your blog is gorgeous! <3

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