Pushing Up Daisies
I've been really loving the amount of 90's style daisy print clothing I've been seeing around lately. It's so reminiscent of the 90's and brings back memories of the dresses I used to wear as a child.


Mink Pink

Henry Holland

Mink Pink

Betsey Johnson

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FloraH said...

love the second dress so much! :)
Flora x

Rachel, Cold Knees said...

I'm sure I had something similar as a child too. I love the first one xx

Maria said...

Your blog is seriously gorgeous! I love your header, so pretty!
Daisy dresses are so whimsy. Imagine how cute it would they would look paired with a head wreath too!
I love your blog, would you like to follow eachother?
xx, Maria

Maria said...

Hey again lovely! Since I can't find the GFC button, I decided to follow you with bloglovin! Hope that's okay and thanks for your sweet comment :) xx

ttFN said...

Adore that minkpink dress! It's so girly x

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