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Hi everybody! ♡♡♡

I have not been up to much over this past week, apart from reading about moon lore and designing wherever I can. I went for a drive yesterday after not driving in 2 years (I know it's bad, but I down own a car in the city and I particularly hate driving!). It was not so bad, seeing as driving is one of my least favourite activities to do, but I didn't stall and still knew how to drive easily; I really don't think I can ever forget such as harrowing experience as learning to drive! But at least I am on my P2's and on my way to getting my full license.

I finished the illustration I had been meaning to complete weeks ago, but due to laziness, it was only finished recently! But it is done now and I feel a lot more happy for it, crossing items off lists is always a good feeling!

This is the original illustration that I created. I decided to title it "Foxy Lady", harking back to the Jimi Hendrix song and I subtitled it "Mountaineer" - relating it to themes of adventure and exploration.

I wanted to edit the image and try to explore different techniques in Photoshop to make the drawing more lively, so I added a scene of forests and snow-covered mountains as well as a moon and some stars. The whole theme and feel of the illustration was relating to winter and alpine imagery, and the fox makes me think of The Animals of Farthing Wood. which was something I used to watch as a child.

Well, I have had one last online shopping spree and purchased these items, once again from Freez:

I really loved the floral print on the shirt, it reminded me of a tropical island getaway. The necklace has the cutest image of a peace symbol created out of daisies printed on it. The kaftan style top looks really great for the rest of the summer month - I already own the same style of this with a different print and I love it, so carefree and I can be teamed with fitted pants, shorts or skirts.

Uni goes back in a few weeks time, so I will try to keep regular updates on this blog, but I'm not sure that I can promise it as I am in the final year of my degree and I really need to be focussed entirely upon my work! But if I can at least update once a week, I will feel less guilty about neglecting my blog.

That's it for now, until next time. ♥

There She Goes - Sixpence None the Richer

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Plami said...

The sketch is so beautiful!

Thank you so much for the sweet comment on my blog! IT really means a lot to me! Have a great week!


LINDA said...

Cute post! Beautiful! <3


Linda from

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