I have been busy creating and drawing after going a while without creating anything! I have almost finished one of my works which has been in progress for almost a month now (this is what holidays do to me - make me lazy!). I am quite happy with it overall, but once it is complete I shall be more enthused.

As you can see the fox still has quite a bit of detailing to go, but once I've mapped out the appropriate areas to work on, it is much easier to accomplish.

This is also an illustration that I completed yesterday for a university publication - I drew it with felt tip markers and then edited it in photoshop; it is entitled "Daydreaming". I really love working with markers, as you can draw such nice bold thin strokes as well as thicker strokes, to give an image more depth.

Oh, I also ordered the most beautiful dress yesterday, it is such a nice soft colour and print, with lovely billowing sleeves - I just love anything with interesting textures and shapes.

Ladakh Dandelion Dress - $25.00

I also bought this lovely Indian-inspired printed kaftan by Mink Pink for $15.00.
Mink Pink Scorpio Rising Kaftan - $15.00

I am currently reading "Geisha" by Liz Dalby, it is quite interesting to see how different Japanese culture is from Australian, it almost seems like an entirely different realm from mine, but I suppose every different country we visit is like stepping through a portal into an entirely separate world.

I shall leave you now with a song. ♥

Goldfrapp - Yellow Halo

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Karolina said...

I like your ideas :) and your style in clothing is similar to mine so <3 on this one


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