Sail Away
Inspiration for the week...

Hello all! This week has been very uneventful, I have been doing nothing but reading, drawing, sleeping and trying to keep up my design skills. I am trying to come up with ideas for illustrations pertaining to different topics for my universities magazine, but I am struggling a little! I'm not feeling very motivated, but maybe tomorrow or later tonight I will be struck by inspiration, like lightning! :) I am also STILL continuing work with my latest illustration, and I promise that it will definitely be finished by the end of this coming week! Then I plan to begin one more, probably all that I will be able to do before leaving home again to go back to university. I will miss it here immensely, even the intensely hot humid weather that has been occurring lately.

Oh, I also bought two new dresses online from Freez - they are my new favourite online clothing store!

August Street Vintage Dress - $29.00

August Street Shirt Dress - $29.00

Minkpink Theory Tee - $15.00

Fleetwood Mac - Sisters of the Moon

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The Snow Child said...

Gosh Angelina Jolie is a freak of nature, she's absolutely perfect. Love her. I listened to Sisters of the Moon on the way to school the other day xxxx

the tea drinking english rose said...

these are beautiful.
i love pastels! alot.
angelina's hair---oh. my goodness!


Plami said...

your blog is so amazing and inspired!


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