Persian Jewel
Afternoon everyone!

I completed a new illustration yesterday, entitled "Cascade" as the hair represents cascading water. It is subtitled "Birds of Paradise" due to the rainbow doves. :) I used felt tips/fine liners, pencils and dried flowers to create this.

I bought some new clothing online at Ladakh (due to the crazy low prices of the sale of course!).

The bargains that can be found online are so amazing yet so addictive so after this I am calling it quits and I'll will myself not to buy any new clothing throughout the year - my small apartment space will help me to stick to this goal!

I'm still working on my other drawing (unfortunately I couldn't stick to my promise to have it finished by the end of last week) - but I am on the homestretch now and I've only got a few more things to do. I plan to start maybe one more illustration after this, and I'll also need to get back into developing my skills for uni, since this is my final year! I'm quite scared about that, I'm always afraid that I wont be good enough or it'll be so hard to get work after graduating. I hope it wont be too hard. :(

I'll leave you all with a song. I will create another post tomorrow. x

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