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When I was young, I was in love with My Little Pony, as I'm sure many other young girls were! When I came back home, I uncovered my collection of my little ponies and felt a wave of nostalgia hit me. They are so simple, yet so entertaining, creating random stories with my sisters and giving life to these colourful plastic creatures. I think the names of the ponies also appealed to me - Moonshadow, Fluttershy, Sundance, Minty and Rosedust. I would watch the movie over and over again!

I had the blue pony called Ivy in this commercial - these were my first my little ponies from the 90's. I liked how the ponies had diamantés in their eyes. From this generation I also had Dainty Dove and Moonshadow.

I also watched the tv show from the 80's occasionally, which was amusing to me at the time!

I had ponies from the third generation too - Pinkie Pie, Kimono and Star Swirl.

Now there is the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic show, which I haven't looked at yet but apparently it is supposed to be quite entertaining. I think I am too old for My Little Pony now, but I can still like them in secret! :) I think, even at 20 years old, a girl can still like My Little Pony, if only for the memory of childhood adventures.

All the pastel hair I have seen around reminds me of all the My Little Ponies and their multicoloured manes!

From Rusalochka 1976

Cat Stevens - Moonshadow

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Plami said...

awwwww this was my favorite cartoon! Thank you for making me smile <3


Amy @ Skinny Sweets and Treats said...

cute post xx

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