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I've been super busy this week and honestly can't believe it is Saturday again. Anyway, this has been the first week of the supposed "break" but it hasn't been a break at all for me - I've been working on uni work all week! At least I am being kept busy, but that's really the only positive thing I can say about being overloaded with things to do! I haven't been much inspired to blog this week, so I'm just going to keep this update short 'n sweet.

I've completed a new illustration this week, the mini GIF version is down below and you can find the static image/s in my portfolio page. I watched a documentary about Helen of Troy earlier in the week by Bettany Hughes, who I think is brilliant because she presents with so much passion and enthusiasm about the subject. I have always been fascinated by intriguing women in history and Helen of Troy is one such enigmatic figure, so I decided to commemorate this illustration to her legend, drawing inspiration from antiquity and nature. Plus, it features leaves! I love leaves, much like David Attenborough (please refer to related GIF).

My week in pictures

1. Finished illustration - a good way to procrastinate!
2. Early progress shot of the illustration in the works.
3. Illustration for a Medieval themed poster design I had been working on diligently throughout the week.
4. Starting to read The Man Repeller book by Leandra Medine, who is pretty much one of my top style icons.

This week's inspiration mood board has consisted of the following - I'm still really inspired by Dolce and Gabbana's Fall/Winter 2014 Byzantine Collection, especially after watching lots of history documentaries focusing on the Byzantine Empire.

Until next time! x

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