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Hi people of the blogosphere! I'm just going to make this a really quick little post as I have a lot of things I need to work on for uni, so I don't want to procrastinate too much!

This is a little animation I made of one of my illustrations this week:

My week in pictures

1. Procrastinating by making ink drawings of Frida Kahlo.
2. Reveling in and paying homage to Gustav Klimt's wondrous paintings.
3. Bought some zines at this new pop-up shop in the city - I'm so happy to have found a place that distributes zines and keeps the printed zine culture alive here in little ol' Adelaide!
4. Everytime I cut bok choy, I find the stems reminiscent to lovely roses - maybe this is just me?

I have been drawn to finding inspiration from nature lately and relating it back to the human world. And although Winter is slowly descending upon us here, I still find myself being drawn to Summer-inspired things, in any attempt to hold onto the few remaining strands of Summer's basking glow. In saying this, I do love Winter's frost-bitten temperatures as it will give me an opportunity to break out my suede boots and shag jackets!

Until next time! x

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Sarah said...

I love the animated drawing and your little envelopes, as always. <3 xoxo

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