Oh my god, I am honestly just so amazed and scared at how the time files once I get into the uni week! Seriously, how can it be Saturday again so fast?! I've been busy working hard at all my uni projects so I've really not had any time to myself (except to eat, exercise, sleep and all that important jazz) - it's pretty much a full-time career for me. I shouldn't even really be making a post right now because I feel swamped under all my workload, but I wanted to keep my internal promise to myself to try and post once a week. It never sounds like much but when you realise how fast those weeks fly by, it really takes up a good chunk of time!

I've been really getting into making short little GIF animations of my illustrations, just making the subjects in my work come to life through blinking or lip movements. It's a great way for me to practice my animation making abilities, although I really want to get into developing my skills with After Effects more as I've only had a little animation experience with that program and I'm quite terrible at it!

Here's my week:

1. Outfit details - the cuff is by the label From St Xavier and i love the blue stone in it so much!
2. These shorts are actually amazing. They are by Cameo the Label and they feature a chili print!
3. I have become obsessed with kale recently, I know I know...I don't want to be one of those pretentious health food people but I genuinely love the taste of it in a salad or wrap.
4. Finally bought the coveted Alexa Chung book, IT. I haven't read it yet but I've had a flick through and it looks like a professionally diary/sketchbook format, featuring set typography and collaged images and sketches.
5. A recently finished illustration featuring mushrooms! I love a good ol' 'shroom, my favourite fungi.

This week I have been inspired by blush tones and gold. as well as combining these tones and shades with black leather-look items, such as skirts, pants and shorts. I also love holographic items - a clutch or a pair of shoes is an amazing statement to any simple outfit. I also have been incredibly inspired through my research for a project focusing on medieval and historical maps - some of the examples such as the Hereford Mappamundi are so amazingly detailed, complex and mythical. I'm just so fascinated by these artefacts of history.

Until next time! x

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HailesHeartsFashion said...

Beautiful work! Do you do these for other blogs or are they only for your own??
Also I love those shorts. Great post :)

Haaappy Spring!

Hailes Hearts Fashion.

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