Another Saturday, another week gone by. Next week will be Week 5 of my semester, I honestly can't quite get my head around that fact. It seems like I've only just started by really I've been working away for weeks now! I feel I have a better grip on my time management this year though, after last years debacles which I do not want to return to! But procrastination still gets the better of me sometimes!

This week I have been designing ideas for a poster that focuses on the topic of peace. Since this is also a poster that is to be designed with the intention of being exhibited by the client as a celebration of their 25 years in operation, I'e decided to take the approach that focuses on their legacy and input into the community by creating an illustration of their key figure - Graham F. Smith. The little sketch I've done as a starting point is below.

Here's my week:

1. Beginning a sketch of a beautiful photo of a model whose name I do not know, but she has the loveliest freckles ever!
2. Progress + milky cups of tea, a typical afternoon of yours truly.
3. Finally decided to get my mitts on this little book with some birthday money I had stashed. I think it doesn't even need introducing, the cover is already so iconic I think! Anyways, I've had a brief flick through it and so far I am excited to read it.

For my inspiration this week, I've really been digging simple palettes of black and white with a dash of bright or neon colour thrown into the mix. I used to love constant colour, but right now I've just been looking at more tailored and simple approaches to my personal style. I'm still obsessed with photographic prints, mirror prints and florals, don't think i'm ever going to get over them - they are the only statement item you'll need when you're wearing them. Green is also not a colour I'm greatly fond of, but recently I've been loving a nice palette of fresh green hues to get me dreaming of tropical rainforests and exploring jungles.

Until next time! x

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