Whew! Let me take a moment to catch my breath, this week has gone by so fast! Where did all the days go?! I'm only making a quick post this week because I am super inundated with uni stress right now (r.e. THESIS!) so I need to get back to that, stat! Maybe next week I will have something more interesting to share with you all.

Here's my week:

1. Obsessing over this flowerbomb print by Cameo the Label. Their clothes are all so amazing that I am always left in utter awe with each new collection released!
2. Wearing all Cameo the Label in a recent outfit (yes I know, I am a tad partial!) + this female symbol silver ring I found in Diva for only a dollar, so I couldn't resist! Appropriate for my thesis, maybe it will become a good luck charm!
3. Finders Keepers the Label photographic "Lake Tahoe" printed shirt, so comfy and easy to dress up and down for uni days when I need to look a bit more than casual.
4. Ya slack moll! Just read the original Puberty Blues, it was a perfect snapshot into the lifestyle and cultural practices of that time in that part of Australia, I felt like I was living vicariously in 70's Australia through the lives of Debbie Vickers and Sue Knight. Its a good quick read, perfect for a Sunday arvo.

Sorry this post has been quick uninspiring - until next time! x

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