Flux and Flow

Well it's university time again, and that means less posting! I want to try and keep up with it more this year though and continue to upload a post a week, even if it is just something really small or a quick update, it is better than nothing!

For the past two weeks I have been settling back into my city lifestyle after coming back from my holidays in the outback. Now that I've finally unpacked and gotten ready for my final year at uni, I have been striving to keep my regular plans in place, in regards to diet, exercise and study. I hope that I can continue to keep up my routines so that I can be as organised as possible, but we all say that at the beginning of a New Year, only to start to fall into bad habits as the year pans out! I'm going to try my very best not to get into my procrastinating habits though!

This week I'll just update you about my past week/s through my instagram images:

1. Eating fruit platters in the Summer.
2. Leopard + black never fails in an outfit.
3. Received this beautiful Cameo Hillstomp dress on Valentine's Day - who needs a Valentine's when you've got the postman!
4. Work in progress.
5. Finished my illustration of Melusina, available to purchase here
6. Miranda Kerr illustration progress.
7. Miranda Kerr illustration completed, available to purchase here.
8. Cameo's new collection is killing it - such a cute Bambi print!
9. At one with nature in the Botanic Gardens.
10. Magdalena Frackowiak progress.
11. Finished illustration of Magdalena Frackowiak, available to purchase here.
12. Love these mirror floral print shorts I picked up at Ally fashion - such good quality for this store!
13. Purchased these holographic chunky sandals from Betts recently for the steal print of $20 - I can't help but feel like a space ranger wearing these!
14. I'm going to miss all the Summer berries when they're not in season anymore - strawberries, blueberries and raspberries are my favourite things.
15. Working on a Kate Moss illustration - Moss is boss.

Until next time! x

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Sara Downton said...

your sketches are beautiful and your blog is lovely!

Tamaras Blend said...

Cool Instagram feed and great sketches!

Enter my inspirational print giveaway.

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