All Good Things Come in Three's

Recently, I've been feeling inspired by the following three simple words:

I like to try and refer to these words in my daily life patterns and apply them to different situations. They have been the three key words that I seek to keep and use as part of my personal motto, as a means of keeping my goals and dreams on track as I progress through each day. If I can take these three words and apply them to the challenging situations I may encounter in this final year of my university education journey, then I believe that I can shape my experiences for the better. I guess I can consider these as my kind of New Year's Resolutions, although I really never partake in such goal-making opportunities. ☺

"Believe" relates to how I perceive myself and how others perceive me; and my work. Self-esteem directly relates to my level of self-belief in my abilities and my appearance, and I haven't always been on good terms with my self-esteem (although I am in a better position now compared to a few years ago). As corny and cliche as it might sound, if I believe in myself and what I can achieve, then I stand a greater chance of improving myself and my work by being able to acknowledge my worth as a person in society and turn my faults into positive quirks.

"Create" relates to my ability to produce meaningful work and output it into the wider community. It directly relates to my creative pursuits in my career of choice and how I can go about implementing creative thinking processes into my body of work to affect it in a positive way. If I aim to be as creative as I can possibly be in my everyday life - where I can make the time to do so - then I hope to improve my abilities as a designer and creative individual. Even if I only can manage to do some small creative thing in a day, it is better than doing nothing! I am happy that my chosen career path involves much creativity in order to create works which I can feel satisfied with. I love to be creative in my daily outfits too - my clothes speak for me when I feel shy and struggle to speak for myself! Planning outfits allows me to explore the possibilities of my wardrobe and also discover items of clothing that I had previously forgotten about.

"Inspire" relates to not only finding my own inspiration and adapting and applying it to my work, but also to the ways in which I can inspire others. It is also connected to utilising research and knowledge as a tool for developing inspiration, particularly for me in the form of history and women in history, which are areas I am greatly inspired by. I like to try and find inspiration in daily life, whether it be through nature or through learning an interesting fact. The more I discover, the more I am inspired which thus feeds through into my work and the way I approach life. I like to try and fill my days with productivity, which feeds off of my inspiration as I approach a new task I set out for myself daily. I'm quite a regimented person, in the sense that I like to have my day planned out in advance like a schedule - including my meals, exercise and work tasks. I find that it really helps in keeping me on track and feeling inspired and willing to do what I need to do, in order to feel accomplished at the end of a task. Keeping inspired is my key way to feeling focused and happy.

This has been my week in instagram pictures:

1. Chinese New Year celebrations - dessert consisting of banana fritter pieces and fresh honey vanilla ice-cream. Yum!
2. More feasting at the Chinese New Year banquet.
3. A portrait of Aneurin Barnard as Richard III I finished recently, after finishing the TV series and practically fainting over his attractiveness in that role!
4. Reminiscing about the past and getting all nostalgic after seeing childhood pictures of myself that mum has placed on my old desk at home.
5. Progress of a piece I'm working on about the legend of Melusina.
6. I feel so accomplished and excited after discovering designer clothing in thrift shops - I came across these tops by Something Else and Shakuhachi recently.

Ta-ta until next time! x

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Fleur said...

oh dear, I always love the effort you put in all your blog posts. Beautiful things created by you are my favorite! What's the font you've been using here? It looks so curly and magical hihi :)
and it's great that these three beautiful words give you so much strength and self-confidence. You've really inspired me by posting all this... :)

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