Since the time I last posted I have been feverishly working on all my creative pursuits - namely finishing illustrations - but also creating a Society6 shop which you can view here, where I will be selling some of my illustration and other design work as prints. I'll admit I was a little apprehensive at first in setting up a store here, but I thought it might be a good way to extend my presence in the great wide stratosphere that is the world wide web! The above illustration is one of my recently completed works, showing the "before and after" and is available to purchase now.

I've also created a portfolio website, where I'll upload all of my work to date as a digital portfolio, which links to other bits and bobs such as my resume and social media pages. It can be viewed here.

Here are my instagram updates of the things that have been going on in my life of late.

1. Amazeball (yes I really just used that word, but it is necessary in this context) shorts by Cameo the label.
2. A bowl of cherries always reminds me of Summer.
3. A portrait I completed of Sophia Loren for my mum.
4. Breaky of muesli, yoghurt, fruit, almonds and chia seeds is my farourite kind of breaky
5. Current progress on an Australian themed piece I'm working on, featuring Indigenous model Samantha Harris.
6. In 40 degree (celcius!) heat, all I really feel like is froyo.

Oh, and how amazing is Lana Del Rey's rendition of Once Upon a Dream for the upcoming Maleficent film starring Angelina Jolie?! I think I died and went to heaven listening to it. ♥ What do you think of it?

That's all for this post lovelies, see you next time! x

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Fleur said...

Wow...this is! The illustration of Lana and the ones in the previous post) are amazing! I just don't know what to say...I wish I could draw like that, these are absolutely wonderful!
And oh my, are you kidding me? You have to be my long-lost sister, because of all the things you listed in the second part of your 100 things list, sooooooo many things are my most favourite things in the world as well! I mean: Lana del Rey, unicorns, flower crowns, sofia coppola films (especially the virgin suicides and the bling ring), gemstones, mermaids, jelly sandals (teehee), fireworks and candles... Yes, it's true: you really were my sister in a life before... Oh my God, I just realized I fell in love with you!
You are amazing, one of the most talented and nicest people I have ever known. I'm so glad you're back and I'm so happy for you that you finally had some time to do the things you really love. I adore you and your art and believe me when I say that I'm truly looking forward to every comment I receive of you (they are always so lovely and kind). I really did fall in love with you and I will never stop falling in love with your blog as well.

I sincerely love you.
xx Fleur

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