Tea and strawberries

It seems this is my 100th post on this blog! As celebration, I am going to post an illustrated list of 100 things that either I love or that inspire me. I will split this list in half and post the other half in another post. ♡

It was also my 22nd birthday in late November - it feels so weird having birthdays now as I feel so old! It's like, when you were younger your birthday was the one day (apart from Christmas for some) you got so excited about, but now it just feels like "oh, another year older!" It's funny how perceptions shift with time. I decided to buy two new charms for my Pandora bracelet which I received as a gift for my 21st last year - an owl and a mermaid. They're so cute! Now, onto my list!

If you wish, have a listen to this playlist whilst reading this list, it's chock-a-block full of some of my favourite tunes this moment.

♡ #1 from bambisvalentine on 8tracks Radio.

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Sarah said...

Cute! I really adore the animated envelopes at the end of your posts. <3 xoxo

bianca lolita said...

so lovely! as always...
Would you mind if I stole this 100 things idea? Call it something different of course, but I absolutely love it. I would love to just pick your brain one day.
You are going on my "favorites" as of right now on my main page.

thanks for inspiring me...AGAIN


Fleur said...

This is a list with wonderful moments. I adore the little nice moments in life and these all show the wonderful things in life.
I miss you, please post some new magic! I need it to get some creativity...
(btw, last week I was shopping and saw some Jelly shoes. I literally screamed and just HAD to buy them, because 1. I ownef those when I was young and 2. I saw them on your blog some while ago and I absolutely loved it!!!!)

♥brenda said...

You have a very lovely blog *--* & I'm already following :) . Also I wanted to ask for those png's (those hearts you use) Can I use the some/ & the same as a link to my bloglovin? I will put credit you in my 'codes' section :)
(sorry if my english wasn't very understandable, it's not my first languaje xP)

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