White Moon

I feel like a huge burden has been lifted from my back now that I've submitted all of my assessments - the next stressful part is the anxious wait to find out if I did well or not! Crossing my fingers for positivity!

I've been deeply researching the Riot Grrrl movement of the early 90's for my Masters thesis and it's really inspiring and just moving to me - I can't really express my feelings about how wonderful I think it was. I just feel that a-lot of the ideas that emerged from it still resonate in the 21st century and it deserves more recognition as a milestone in the timeline of feminism. I just feel so connected to it, I don't know - I only learned of it through Tumblr (thank the Internet Gods for Tumblr) about 2 years ago or something and ever since I did, it's been on my mind and I knew I wanted to somehow develop a research project based around it. My particular branch of research in this movement was the importance of the zine, which I feel is largely underestimated as a tool for expression and communication between young women (as an alternative outlet away from mainstream media's gaze and perturbation), even in our modern technological world filled with ebooks and e-zines. I believe the tactility of a physical zine holds such a greater feeling of power and concreteness, which cannot truly be replicated with a digitised zine (even though I adore e-zines and PDF magazines, I'll always return to the print versions). I feel such an urge to just create things at the moment - if my hands are doing something I need to be doing something otherwise I'll become so bored! I actually want to start my own zine, just for my own personal self, but I would share it with the lovely readers of my blog, of course. But now I'm just rambling again! I have too many feels at the moment. I think it's largely due to the emotional debt through perpetual stress I've stored up over these past 14 weeks that I've been studying and now all I want to do is let it all go. I'm going to start working on some illustration ideas that I've kept shut up in my journals - now I've got some time to kill I want to put them to good, productive use!

I haven't been able to access Instagram that much as the wifi in my place has issues connecting to extraneous devices except for laptops, super weird (but I did discover a way to upload via PC so I'm using that instead, it's just a-lot more cumbersome to use). The following is a digital moodboard of sorts of things that have been keeping my imagination alive this week (I need to make pretty things for my blog!):

I'll leave you with these teasers from Lana Del Rey for the Tropic mini-film (if you don't already know about it), which I am extremely excited about! (Please release it soon Lana you are my lifeblood!) The coloured lighting effects remind me of the Aurora Borealis aka "The Northern Lights", which I'd really love to see once in my lifetime, so beautiful. Keep on dreaming.

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Sarah said...

Your thesis sounds fascinating and I agree that digital publications just can't possess the same charm as paper. Congratulations on all of your hard work! :)

gypsy said...

Everything about your blog is so good to me. Thank you!

gypsy said...

Forgot to mention that I agree a bunch, I feel like I have become more of a feminist thanks to tumblr.
I'd also like to say that your writings & little designs are lovely! I think I would love to see a zine of yours in the future. Please don't stop creating :)

bianca lolita said...

Your blog is so beautiful, truly! One of the best I've seen
Thank you for inspiring me!

&Tropico was amazing, right?! I looooved it.


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