The last time I posted was over a month ago! i'm quite angry at myself for not being able to keep up with blogging, but I'm sure those of you who study can understand how difficult it is to find the time to blog and keep up with the amass of projects to meet deadlines for. I'm going to do a quick little update of where I am in life right now, and maybe find the time to post a longer entry in the near future. :)

I've been working on my projects for studio at the moment, still studying the history of the English language and deciphering different dialect and accent recordings of the British Isles. It's a bit job but I am closer to finishing after working on this project since March this year. I honestly cannot believe how quickly this year has gone! I thought 2012 was a fast year, but this has been crazy fast! Spring is now here and I've been craving the hot weather more that I ever have before this year! I'm excited for long hazy days spent with ice cream cones by the pool, reading my favourite magazines and novels. ♥ Despite this, the weather has been super up and down over the past few week, with dramatic bursts of rainfall one moment, to clear blue sunny skies the next! I'll never understand the weather around here, it makes it so hard to plan outfits for the day!

These are my instagram updates of the things that have been going on in my life of late.

1. You can probably tell I am in love with my jellybean shoes, but it's just because they're so cute and comfy, the fact that they are nostalgic is a bonus factor!
2. Part of my haul from the recent sample sale of Finders Keepers the Label, Keepsake the Label and Cameo the Label in my city - it was amazing and I picked up 10 designer pieces for only $100! These skirts are so beautiful and satisfy my craving for shiny clothing!
3. Model making out of regular ol' paper for uni. I am terrible with craft=related projects!
4. More model-making - my attempts at making some tissue papier-mâché egg decorations!
5. I've been living in these shorts by Finders Keepers the Label recently - they're such a flattering cut and the mint colour is beautiful!
6. Another part of my recent haul, these are the dresses. The teal dress is really lovely. ❤

Until next time, keep on dreaming.

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