It's uni time again, so that means epic amounts of stress and little time left over for blogging! So I am sorry in advance for the lack of posts that will be posted over the next few months, but it can't be helped; my studies and my future are very important to me, so they must always come first. But I'll aim to try to keep on posting whenever life gives me a breathing moment!

I've got a few interesting projects to work on at the moment - I am still working on the ISTD Student Assessments Sound Bites brief - here are some studies I have been working on over the week. I am trying to extract the language and the different ways the same words are spoken in various dialects and accents.

These are my instagram updates of the things that have been going on in my life of late.

1. I went to a restaurant for my sister's birthday and tried a haloumi dish for the first time - I am now in love with it!
2. It was finally warm enough during the week to take out my jellybeans for a stroll in the park!
3. This is an amazing elephant print crop t-shirt by Minkpink which I scored the last one of, in my size! I paired it with my moon necklace and horse shoe necklace, which I am coveting at the moment.
4. My black jellies and a coin chain collar necklace from With Love Kirsten, which I adore!
5. I was so excited to find this Frida Kahlo t-shirt by Minkpink that I just had to have it - it is so amazing!
6. Spending a lovely warm afternoon in my fluoro pink Quay sunglasses at the Botanic Gardens. ❤
7. Getting inspiration at the Art Gallery.
8. One of my uni outfits of the week.
9. Another uni outfit - I am loving lots of jewellery at the moment and I love to mix and match different tones, like gold with rose gold.

Until next time, keep on dreaming.
(Happiness by John Duncan)

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Tara Rose said...

i totally feel you on the back-to-uni grind, but i'm sure it'll enjoyable!! good luck.
loving the frida kahlo shirt, too. you always have the best taste in clothing. looking forward to your next insta-week! my instagram is deerthroat, if you're interested in checking my pics out.

Fleur said...

such a shame you won't be able to post much for the next months! But I understand how important your education is; my second year will start in a few weeks and my head is already spinning if I think about all the stuff I will have to do...
Anyway!! these projects look amazing! your designing looks so fresh, it looks modern but not the sort of 'cold and hard modern', if you know what I mean :p I mean the funky and funny modern, which I really like!
And oh my!! I'm SOOOOO into your style! That elephant crop top and that AMAZING Frida Kahlo t-shirt! oh my oh my oh my!!! these are so wonderful!! and these jellybeans shoes! I used to have them when I was young and used to wear them in the pool or at the beach teehee :)
Good luck with your uni work!!!

btw I don't think I have said it already, but I really adore the 'little hover envelopes'! I'm always curious what's hidden inside! They make me feel happy teehee :)

The Tea Drinking English Rose said...

I live in Kent!!

As usual, lovely images to accompany your posts.
I remember the uni days, forcing oneself to keep the laptop off and the dvd cases closed.

But remember to play too!

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