Well, as I mentioned previously in my last post, the weather situation is dark and dreary with the constant rain clouds looming over the city, causing downpour every so often, There has even been predicted hail and snow up in the hills, so this has definitely been the most rainiest winter I have experienced in a while! It makes for plenty of time spent indoors with a good book or film and some warm beverages - so lots of catch-up has been the order of the day and week! I return to uni next week too, so for this reason I am likely to be blogging very infrequently, due to commitments related to that.

I've been inspired by monochromatic clothing quite a bit of late, this may be due to the weather, but I also find that a simple black and white outfit combined with a slick of brightly coloured matte lipstick really is all one needs to "dress to impress" in a really simple way. I also loved the simplicity of adding bright, bold accessories to a simple outfit - it's just such an easy way to jazz up a combination of clothing which seems to be missing that "x-factor", so accessories such as rings, statement necklaces or sunglasses are always things that you can never really have too much of (its just an excuse to have more shopping sprees!).I've also been feeling inspired by models of the 90's, in particular Kate Moss and Claudia Schiffer, who were/are such babes and always possess effortless and enduring style.

Here's been my week in images:

1. I made a mean stir-fry the other night - packed with veggies, heart-smart pork strips and a layer of black squid ink pasta - so nice!
2. Another illustration in the works, which has been in the works for quite some time now (due to uni responsibilities, of course).
3. Mixing and matching jewelry with this rose gold skull bracelet I found at Sportsgirl the other day with 30% off already reduced price - you can't go wrong with that!
4. Trying out some neon nail-polish - the funny thing is that this colour looks dull and gross under artificial light but when you're under natural light man, it sure packs a punch!
5. Staying with my family at my grandmother's house, which has this amazing 60's sort of blue floral wallpaper, which contrasts so nicely against the white framed oval mirror. The house itself is extremely old an part of a heritage site, I believe. As kids we would always hear from our parents the stories of the ghost that haunts this house, who was the original commissioned and owner of it which always scared me, but it's just a story!
6. Time for tea! ❤

That's all for now,
until next time,
keep on day-dreaming.

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bianca lolita said...

Wow, you're so inspring! I am in the middle of making something that looks just like your inspiration collages.

Your blog is simply amazing<3


Fleur said...

hooray, a new post! I was reading the text about snow and dark skies and at first I thought: oh boy, I accidentally travelled in time and I'm reading a blogpost from half a year ago. But no. I remembered you live in Australia and I recalled that it's the opposite of where I live (the Netherlands). Summer is winter and winter is summer (the other way around, the way you like it!). It has been hot in here for an absurd long time for the country where I live in and since I don't like very hot weather, I'm looking forward to the winter already. By reading your post, I already felt like I could play in the snow and dress in layers again, so wonderful!
and AGAIN your weekly inspiration collage made me feel really happy. yes, I spotted the little gem stones you hid in it and I guess I have always liked Claudia Schiffer :)

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