I feel super stressed an a little lack-lustre about life right now. I think I just need some time away from the computer and escape into the country to rejuvenate my body and mind, as well as gain a little inspiration for design. So because I'm stressed and feeling really time-pressured, this will be a short but sweet post update. Basically, I've been getting a lot more sleep, trying to catch up on doing things other than uni work that I love and take in as much culture as possible this study break. I'm scared about my marketing exam result, but I tried really hard and studied so much, so hopefully I'll be right as rain. :)

These are my instagram updates of the things that have been going on in my life of late.

1. Free time left over to draw - it's actually such a relaxing thing for me to just sit down, empty my mind and draw freely.
2. Finished my latest little illustration, which can be viewed at a larger size in the Portfolio section on here.
3. Yummy breakfasts consisting of green tea + muesli with strawberries, almonds, chia seeds, LSA, blueberries, bananas, organic honey and Greek yoghurt - a great way to end my morning run!
4. I'd been eyeing off this necklace from Sportsgirl for some time now, was down to $4.95 so I bought it! The diamantes in the doorknocker ring are so amazingly sparkly in the light!
5. Playing around with Illustrator to create interesting selfies, haha!
6. Spring / Summer = fresh strawberry season. ❤

Until next time, have a listen to this 60's/70's summer inspired mix and keep on dreaming.

Anywhere and Anything from bambisvalentine on 8tracks Radio.

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