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This week has been quite full on, even though it is a study break (not for me, now that I'm post-grad now)! But I do enjoy a bit of a challenge from time to time. As I write, the weather is quite dreadful outside - it is pouring rain everywhere and is freezing! Though I do love this type of weather when I am safe and tucked up in my bed with a good book and a lovely cup of warm milky tea. I've been working fervently on my projects this week and I am glad I still have another week to catch up to the level I wish to be at.

Here's my week in images:

1. While the weather was still mild and lovely, my sister and I visited the beach and walked along the jetty - it was a nice change of pace from the city environment.
2. My old ceramic teapot finally gave up the ghost and thus I desperately needed a new tea pot, so I purchased this one from T2, which is of course my new obsession!
3. New purchases - pretty mint jumper from Vinnies for $12, Picnic at Hanging Rock special 2-disc edition (I have been wanting to see the documentary on the making of the film forever!) for $15 and 4 Maybelline Babylips lip balms in Berry Crush for $10.
4. A little more additions - Dotti pork pie hat in a khaki colour for $9.95 + floral anklet socks for $5.95 and scored some free American Apparel hold up tights, which I have been needing for winter!
5. New Frankie magazine (so beautiful, I love the embossing on the cover!) and Sportsgirl studded slipper shoes for only $13 from $80! Bargain!
6. One of my favourite outfits from this week - my new favourite mint jumper, pleated chiffon mini skirt, heart print tights and my classic gold watch.

The following images are things I had been working on during the last month and a bit of this month as one of my studio projects for a design forum held at my university - basically I just designed some of the promotional material for the afternoon. This included a GIF animation to be displayed in the lecture theatre and a series of posters at different sizes, which were stuck up around the university. I was looking at incorporating the notion of designers as multi-faceted individuals, layered and diverse (as illustrated by the spectrum the 10 creates). The gradation goes up/down by 10% and there are 10 10s in the spectrum. The concept also draws upon the idea of light rays and direction.

The animation.
The poster series.

This is one bit of the concept work I am currently doing for a cover design of the next British Journal of Aesthetics competition. I am looking into the motion of the framework and skeletal structure as the function behind the form of the object it supports (as the theme is form and function) and studying the process of metamorphosis and change through blooming flowers and life cycles.

Here is another playlist I created this week to herald in the notion of transcendence and lightness.

≈ Transcendence ≈ from bambisvalentine on 8tracks Radio.

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