Flux and Flow

Life has just been so hectic of late that blogging and updating has become secondary on my list of priorities to coursework. It is really at the centre of my life right now as I become fully immersed in my research and concept development and neglect leisurely activities, although house-keeping this blog is an important part of my design process and a way to express my methods and ideas.

Here's my week in images:

1. New favourite - such a delicate little gold horseshoe necklace.
2. New additions to this sunglass-mad person's collection!
3. Frequent inspiration visit in the rose garden.
4. Working diligently away like a little rabbit digging his hole!
5. Obsessed with gold items - two additions to my wardrobe - a gold Minkpink a-line skirt I picke dup at a local vintage shop and a Keepsake Trust in Me Lamé skater skirt from Birdcage Boutique , so beautiful, I don't much care if people stare at me like I am an alien on the street! Life is far too short to be modest always.
6. T2 was busy busy busy on Saturday, with their Happy Hour free gift promo! I bought my regular 8 pack mix of tea varieties and received this box of lovely Ruby Red Rosehip tea! It sounds delightful and I am excited to try it!

Here is also some of the concept work I've been working on for the Poster for Tomorrow competition, centered around the theme of "A Home for Everyone" and the British Journal of Aesthetics cover design, focused on Form & Function. I am playing around with ideas of refraction/reflection, light prisms and crystals/gemstones for the BJA and looking at using the less than < symbol are symbolism for the dehumanisation and caricature-representation of homeless people in the public domain.

To those reading this, I hope you have/had a lovely day. x

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Holly-Bella said...

I adore your beautiful blog <3 so full of colour and inspiration.

Holly xoxo

Danny said...

your header is so cute and lovely, felt in love <3

Holly-Bella said...

Hello again! Just wanted to say thank you for lovely comment <3 so kind of you xoxo

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