I have been working dilligently this week on my projects and luckily things have gone well and the fruits of my labor have not been in vain! I' m glad that I am being constantly pushed and challenged because it encourages and motivates me to put my all into my work, as well as

Here's my week in images:

1. This was my Good Friday dinner - i'd never cooked Atlantic fresh salmon before and I'd read it was a bit tricky to cook, so I was super apprehensive about messing it up, but luckily it came out perfect. I then just threw together a quick salad bed for it and it was amazing, salmon is probably one of the only seafoods I can bear to eat!
2. Thursday's outfit details - a glittery cat brooch + collar tips + my 80's electric blue jumper.
3. Pretty flowers I picked up from the Botanic Gardens - don't worry I didn't rip them off the actual plant (I would never do that) they were partially dried on the ground and I thought they would be interesting to study in my technical drawings.
4. Went for another exploration through the Botanic Gardens during the week - it is so beautifully tranquil to sit amongst the roses in the rose garden and just read and breathe in the fresh air.
5.Decided to try out a hair rat tutorial (created from a hair donut) and create a faux 40's style fringe, this is super messy but with more practice I think my technique will improve! I really like how it dramatically changes my look and adding flower hair clips to it just makes it even more interesting.
6. Little purchases on the side (study motivation!) - Faith and Lola scalloped pink drop-waist dress (so cute!) + Sportsgirl socks, I especially love the little pink frilly floral ones!

I'm dreaming of fluffy clouds on a cool Spring day spent in the gardens, wearing a wide-brimmed hat and a floating chiffon dress that nips in at the waist. I am still firmly attached to Summer although Winter is calling out to me, tugging me back towards itself. I feel like eating cherry pie whilst curled up with a Jane Austen novel and brewing some English Breakfast tea to be sweetened with milk. I wish to pet a deer in the middle of a cool emerald green forest while various native butterflies flit through the air like softened darts.

I've created a playlist which is a tribute to my absolute favourite magazine, Lula. Every time I pick a copy up to read, I am completely immersed within the pages full of dream-like editorials and beautiful typography and can just stare at it for hours without tiring, it is a truly wonderful publication.

Waltzing through Lula-land from bambisvalentine on 8tracks Radio.

Remember, every cloud has a silver lining.

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