Strawberry Shortcake
I've been working hard at uni so I struggle to find the time to update my blog, but I must keep it up in order to remain relevant! Also, I see this blog as my little slice of cherry pie in the internet world, so it is my hideout and thought-collection jar, as well as my source of constant inspiration and personal expression. This week has been super intense for me, but if I'm honest, I am loving it. I love that the Masters degree is far more self-directed and client-orientated, and the focus is on the process as much as the final outcome. It feels much more real than 3rd year of the Bachelor's degree did. Plus, the Masters studio is so much better than the studios undergrads use! (The perks of post-grad life are noticeable :3).

Anyway, here's my week in images:

1. Yummny homemade lunch, featuring a salad base of fetta, spinach, cherry tomatoes, alfalfa sprouts, lebanese cucumber and carrot with a Hungarian salami, cheese and dill toastie sandwich.
3. T2 is my new heaven on earth - a lovely store entirely dedicated to the art of drinking tea, these are my kind of people.
4. Discovered Stella magazine by chance at my little local newsagent, decided I needed it and I don;t regret purchasing it, it is an amazing little publication filled with beautiful things.
5. My graduation presents, consisting of OWLS! I am sure you are all well aware of my owl-loving ways, they're so lovely and majestic.
6. This was the owl that came into my parents backyard recently, so beautiful and so rare as all my years of living at home and seeing the multitude of outback wildlife, I never once encountered an owl perched on my gate!

And these are some of the things which have been keeping me inspired this week.

Okay, I shall leave you all now, in order to read the latest Lula magazine and drink many cups of English Breakfast tea! ♡

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