Today has been super exciting for me, I just graduated! The excitement had been building up for months and now it's all over, in the blink of an eye. I was so nervous worrying that I'd make a fool out of myself by tripping over (because I am so clumsy and I tend to make such stupid movements), but I managed to remain composed for the majority of the time. I actually decided I would be wearing this wonderful Minkpink dress before I knew that my profession colour was blue, so I kind of matched that pretty well, although it is not the same shade of blue, I was on the right wavelength! I think that the floral pattern offers some sort of interest from a standard block colour and I wanted to not blend in with the robes, because they were so swampy. Plus, the hat became incredibly uncomfortable after a while Now hopefully I can finish my Masters degree and then graduate for that! I've got a lot of work going on with that for the moment, so I need to get back to it pronto!

After the ceremony, I had lunch at a lovely place, it was a fitting end to a tiresome but rewarding day. The moscato was divine! ♡

I also received some graduation gifts, as you can probably tell, I am an absolute lover of owls.

I am exhausted now, so I'll say goodbye and get some much-needed rest!

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congratulations, I'm so jealous , I'm still a sophomore in high school aka hell

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