Raspberry Pies and Doll's Eyes
Here has been my week gone past, in instagram images:

1. Finished my portrait of Jane Birkin, goddess among women.
2. Dress making featuring my own illustrated prints, origami style! If only I were skilled enough to be able to create my own dresses in this shape.
3. I've really gotten into silk and chiffon scarves again, they have an old-world type of glamour about them and can really liven up a plain outfit! This one I thrifted for a nifty $1 at my local Salvos and it features safari style prints of various animals.
4. Trying out different outfit combinations is such a great way of discovering things in my wardrobe which mesh well and I also get the chance to revive clothes I'd totally neglected to notice I rediscovered this Edwardian inspired cream high neck blouse and added a lovely black lace bow I purchased years ago. I felt a bit like Colonel Sanders but in a more feminine and vintage way.
5. I baked my usual batch of lemon cupcakes and added some lemon cream cheese icing, which was ~ pardon the pun ~ just the icing on the cake! It works nicely with green tea and Earl Grey tea.
6. I made a green chicken curry with vermicelli noodles for the first time, it was super yummy and I can imagine it going down a treat for a cold winter's night.

Here is another mix I made with the same title as this post - it's sweet with a little bit of sass, and some forlorn love songs thrown in for good measure.

See you next time! ♡

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bianca lolita said...

your blog is beautiful!
def one of my new favorites<3


Michelle said...

Your blog just has the prettiest colors and pictures! Love it.

*now your newest follower via feedly.

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