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I went for a walk down to the Botanic Gardens today for the public holiday and it was glorious! Although it was slightly hotter than I would have liked, the smell of all the flora was wondrous and I felt instantly uplifted after being there. Sometimes I think we all need some time to take to ourselves and appreciate the beauty of the natural world that surrounds us constantly, despite this not so much being the case for me, as I live in the heart of the city and therefore there isn't a great deal of natural elements around. The roses were still in bloom (most of them were) and I also visited the botanical museum, which featured interesting little tidbits of information regarding various species of plants, spices, vegetables and other natural fibres. It was much more useful learning about different plants instead of actually going to the event which is the focus of the public holiday, which is like a mini version of the Melbourne Cup, only less classy (though some people's behaviours leave much to be desired at the Melbourne Cup).

The berries have been on special for a few weeks so far, so I've been taking advantage of this opportunity as it certainly wont be around for very long! Summer berries (blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries and pomegranates) are perfect with Greek yoghurt and muesli as breakfast, such a good incentive to wake up. :)

I created another playlist, which is inspired by the Summer Solstice and Spring Rites.

A Midsummer's Eve Banquet from bambisvalentine on 8tracks Radio.

I'll leave you with this sweet short film, which never fails to make me feel better after having a "blue" sort of day.

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Hikari said...

Awesome pictures! Looks like an amazing place.
I envy you!!!
I want a sense like you!

From Japan:)

charlotte said...

i love the short film, it's lovely!

Greta* said...

ahh, lovely photo's, makes me think of summer, can't wait for that;)X

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