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I watched Clueless for the first time in what feels like ages and it reminded me of all the things that I loved about growing up in the 90's. I had a massive nostalgia attack over the film and this post will include my never ending love and dedication to this classic piece of 90's, captured on film. The frequency of plaids, florals, tartan, stripes and mary-jane shoes in Clueless are quintessentially 90's, as is the use of the grungy tie-dye and checked shirts of the skater group. Also as a side-note, I wish I had Cher's virtual wardrobe matcher to help me choose my daily outfits, getting ready for uni would be so much easier! I actually only discovered that the film went onto become a running TV series, airing from 1996 to 1999. I found majority of the episodes on Youtube and I'm planning on watching them sometime soon while I still have free time. Not sure if it will be as good as the film but I'll see!

Collage inspiration.

Clueless also takes me back to the days of the original Beverly Hills 90210 which was of course paramount in regards to early to mid 90's fashion. It seems that hardly anything has changed between the trends of today compared to the trends of the 90's, particularly in the resurgence of crop tops circa 2010 and all things floral printed.


Donna's body-con daisy print dress is perfect!

I love the over sized orange chiffon shirt and the white t-shirt + red polka-dot skirt ensemble.

Those orange red pants! LOVE.

This lips printed skater dress is equally perfect! Totally wish I could find something like this in an op-shop!

Stripes and high-waisted shorts, super modern.

L-R: Minkpink ballet school dress, Minkpink all sorts dress, Minkpink blossom dress, Minkpink copacabana dress

Much of Minkpink's collections feature 90's inspired pieces, which is one of the reasons why I love this brand so much! I particularly love the last dress, it has a feel of tropical beaches and hot summer nights dancing the tango at a beach party.

Here are a few snapshots of things that have related to my life at this present moment. (From L-R, top to bottom):
1. Love this dress by Minkpink, it has a really nice 50's vibe about it and it looks so flattering, I can't wait to wear it for my graduation ceremony!
2. Trying out the dutch crown braid/milkmaid braid, but it never works on freshly cleaned hair (has to be at least 2 days old I think) and I also have so much excess hair left over!
3. An authentic Egyptian painting, painted on papyrus from Egypt. I really want to visit Egypt in my lifetime
4. A collection of random pastel objects I love - pink lipstick, Mason Pearson hairbrush, antique gold bobby pins and combs.
5. One of my regular backyard visitors. ♡
6. Affirmation for 2013.

That's all for this week my dears, I hope all of your new year's eve's were filled with wonderful things. Until next time,

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