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Basically I have been reading a lot and staying indoors as much as possible this week (except to go for a run and other essential errands), because the weather here has been sososo incredibly HOT, I can barely move. It is quite stifling heat, 43 degree Celsius days filled with nothing by catching up on reading, watching films and documentaries and fixing up things that needed to be fixed. Hot weather is never kind to me, especially my skin, which glows in the sun it is that pale! Which is why I burn so easily, thus rendering me a captive to my own home. :( I'm still looking at the class enrollments for uni when I start, trying to organise my semesters so that I can get the best classes together and try not to create huge stresses, because studying full-time is always really intensive and I find myself on edge constantly, but if I try to organised moments for meditation and yoga, I think I'll clear out my mind and get through the year well enough!

I have been in love with trying out different perfumes for a while now and although I do not have an extensive cabinet filled to the brim with perfumes, I have four basic ones which carry me through all the different events and moods that occur in my life. They are:

Lola by Marc Jacobs

Sunflower by Elizabeth Arden

Into the Wild by Sportsgirl

Princess by Vera Wang

I love them all equally, each has a certain quality to it which is either appropriate for night or day, and seasonal differences. I really love Princess, it is floral-y but also vanilla-y, like a pretty pink flower cake. Sunflower makes me exceedingly happy whenever I smell it, so it is my current daily go-to scent.

But while I love the scents, I love the bottles they are contained in even more. I'm always more inclined to buy a perfume if it is beautifully packaged, even if the scent does not sit well on my skin.

Collage inspiration.

Here are a few snapshots of things that have related to my life at this present moment. (From L-R, top to bottom):
1. So good, so cheap. $2.95 @ Sportsgirl for this lovely musky scent.
2. Reading the latest Frankie magazine, with my new clip-on earrings, hearts by Avon and some silver classic swirls.
3. My new Minkpink dress arrived! SO PERFECT. I am ecstatic for graduation.
4. New shoes by Peeptoe to go with my dress for graduation.
5. Fresh pomegranate seeds, like little ruby jewels.
6. Making a card for my dad's birthday.

The Mamas and Papas - California Dreamin'

That's all I have to share with you today, until next time,

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