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I have been eating lots of lovely fruits and vegetables now that it is summer, and I love eating porridge with blueberries and strawberries, especially now because they are in season and when fruits are in season they always taste amazing. I really want to have a little garden filled with forest fruits and then I would be very happy come summer, to pick them and make lovely pies and tarts with them for high teas.

My favourite breakfast spread.

I've having a bit of a nostalgic week, reminiscing about TV series and books I was surrounded and immersed in as a child. When I was growing up, I loved Brambly Hedge, Beatrix Potter and Animals of Farthing Wood. All of these books and series has captured my imagination and held it as I grew older.

Brambly Hedge

I absolutely adore the illustrations of Brambly Hedge, they are so beautifully produced. I have watched the animated TV production but not recently, so I shall have to re-watch it soon!

Beatrix Potter
She has always been one of my favorite illustrators and story-tellers, I now own the complete collection of her works and they are among my prized possessions. Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle was one of my favourite characters from her books! I always watched the tv adaptation that was produced, it was one of my favorite TV series at the time and I still continue to love it today.

Animals of Farthing Wood
This was quite a dark TV series for children, but was nonetheless great to watch. I think is is good that children could experience darker and more dramatic themes, we were quite hardy in the 90's!

Here are a few snapshots of things that have related to my life at this present moment. (From L-R, top to bottom):
1. Working on a new illustration, just to relax and get into my Zen mode of drawing. There have been many dandelions in my garden too, which I love to pick and blow out all the little spores to let they fly and create a cloud of feathery dust.
2. This used to be a dress that I had cut up and transformed into a skirt, as the top part was far too big but the skirt fit perfectly. It is spotted with lovely little black velvet dots which are so cute and remind me of Marc Jacob's Dot perfume!
3. Found my old jewelry box, which is filled with heaps of jewelry I remember from my childhood dress up days.
4. This kitty comes to our door frequently and always rubs itself on everything, it is quite strange for a cat but it is really friendly and so cute! I gave it some milk here as I just could not resist the cute mewing noises it made.
5. Some sandals I found that remind me of space travel. The galaxy pattern is on a Mink pink dress I have - both of these items paired together make me feel like I want to take a trip to the moon. :)
6. went to a friend's 21st recently which was enchanted forest themed, so I dressed as a Dryad (forest nymph). My makeup consisted of various shades of green eye shadow, glitter and a green medieval themed dress. I topped it off with a flower crown which evoked ideas of a Midsummer Night's Dream.

I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas.

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