Panache - Kinderwhore
The kinderwhore style movement is one that is particularly influencing my fashion choices of late. This year I have seen so many detachable collars and lacey, flowy pastel coloured fabrics on the runway and then translated to the chain stores. These trends have been reminding me so much of this particular "fashion movement", if it can be identified as such. The style was sweet but in a decayed, de-constructed and disturbed way - sort of like a child pretending to dress up in her mother's clothing and make-up - the messier the better. The juxtaposition of the two elements - sweet and demented - is what gives this style such appeal, both in a nostalgic, child-like sense and a sexualised, adapted-for-adult kind of way. Some of those who adapted and utilised this style are notables such as Courtney Love and Kat Bjelland, but the style is evident in aspects of dress by D'Arcy Wretzky and Wednesday Addams. I like the girly sweetness that it evokes but it becomes more interesting with the darker edge added. I'm always coming across various items in op shops that frequently remind me of the era of this style reigned in (which was the very late 80's and early 90's up until the mid 90's) - particularly dresses with sweet lace peter pan collars or the squared collars, but also through mary jane flat shoes, frilled lace socks and hair bows.

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