Wow it has been almost like an eternity since I have last posted on my little corner of the internet - my life has been extremely busy which has lead to these lack of updates. But I have been working on my personal identity for when I leave university (even though I plan on taking a Masters after this degree is finished). My own little logo took me a lot of sketching and manipulating to conceive, but I am now very happy with my outcome. On the right pane of my blog you can see my logo, the little hybrid creature who I dubbed Aura, symbolising traits I wish to possess in my professional life. Each animal amalgamated into this creature (fox, deer, owl and rabbit) are aligned with traits that I find relevant and important to my work ethics. I hope you all like her! :)

You may have noticed that I have revamped my blog layout - I was quite tiring of my old theme and decided a fresh change of colours and imagery was required. Let me know what you think of it. Also, now that I am of a little break (and it is now half over!) I have been working on personal illustrations that I have been trying to find the time to do during the semester, but just not being able to allocate any time at all to this endeavour!
This is the Boudicca illustration that I mentioned in my earlier posts, I've only started to paint it in now. I have been working on and off on this since the beginning of this year I believe! All I want to do it to finish her, so that will be one of my aims this break.

This is an illustration focussed on the theme of winter harvesting. I started this illustration just this week and hope to also finish it before the end of the break.

Now I think I will spend the rest of this night either painting or re-watching I Capture the Castle for the millionth time! Oh Henry Cavill, you are the perfect man.

Finally I shall leave you with a song I have been repeating non-stop this week.
Lana Del Rey - Blue Velvet

Au revoir, mes amours. ❤❤❤

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