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Hello again, ❦

I have been once again pressed for time due to uni, it's quite stressful as I expected and seeing as it's third year I'm pushing myself further because I want to graduate and get my degree! One little piece of paper can mean so much and is so badly strived for, it's pretty crazy! I am now at the beginning of my two week break from uni, which wont really be so much of a break as I'll be studying and catching up on unfinished work!

I'm working on a Stevie Nicks quick drawing at the moment just for fun, I started it last week but uni work got so out of hand that I had to prioritise my life. It got bad at one stage but I managed to get all my work done so I am really happy and relieved. I have one more week left before mid semester break, so I'll be updating as much as I can! As you can see I still have a long way to go before I complete it!

Stevie Nicks is definitely one of my biggest inspirations, alongside Debbie Harry. Both of these women are so creative and just do their own thing, I love that.
That's all I have for now, more updates throughout out the next week. I'll finish my illustrations and post them up here. :) Bye all. ♥ Blondie - Shayla

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