Colour Inspiration: Musk
Hi all,

As you might be able to tell already, I really love pastel tints. I love all colours in general. I used to really avoid too many colours and was an avid fan of blacks and greys when I was 14-16, but I've grow to embrace colour and wear many different colours now. I'm going to start up a new inspiration post idea by posting a colour I love at the moment and post inspirational images that contain a form of this colour. It will be a way that I can get inspired to create, which will help me at uni hopefully too. :)
The colour I have chosen today is a variation of my favourite colour - pink. It reminds me of musk candy, the shades associated with dawn, marshmallows and fairy floss.

That's all for now lovelies, bye. ❦

Tchaikovsky - Swan Lake Op. 20

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trishie said...

Beautiful photos! I love pink too

S. said...

Oh, I totally loved this post!

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