I am back home now and just relaxing in the country away from the city. It is not as hot as I would have expected here, in fact it has been quite cool in this past week! I had my birthday on the 26th and just had a lunch and then I had a baby sitting job, which went better than expected, except it was so hard to keep the kids in bed!
I really miss swimming, and now it is summer I feel the need to get on the swimmers and jump in the pool! The feeling of freedom you get when you first dive into the water and immerse yourself in it's comforting coolness, letting go of all your negative thoughts. It is a wonderful feeling and epitomises the essence of summer.
I am going to try and draw a little each day, continuously doing something creative in order to keep myself occupied and forever inspired.
That's all I have for now, so I will leave you with some things that have been inspiring me lately.

Cut off your Hands - Fooling Noone
Fooling No One

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Amber said...

Great post. I wish it was summer here... it's not though! It's winter, haha... not exactly a good time to go swimming. I love these photos you posted... especially that first one.

Poppy said...

I wish it was summer!!! Love the first picture of the girl swimming!
Poppy xx

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