I created another illustration which is likely to be my last for a while as I fly to go back home on Tuesday. I used real flowers and petals which I found on the ground in the Botanic Gardens when I was getting some exercise and fresh air out there, plus I wanted to try something new; integrate natural elements into my work.

Apart from this, I have not been doing much of anything except reading and drawing and walking around the city. I got my last result back for my website and was very happy to see the HD on the feedback form! So I am glad that I don't have to stress at all on my marks because I didn't fail anything.

The book I am currently reading is Patti Smith's Just Kids, which is a memoir to the times she and Robert shared together. I am really liking it, I can imagine all of the people they met and befriended as well as the locations they visited. It's a really good book so far and I am close to finishing it.

I shall leave you with some pictures I took of the wonderful roses in the rose garden at the Botanic Gardens.

Florence + the Machine - Strangeness and Charm

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