I have such an overwhelming feeling to create and design, and I have so many new ideas for illustrations and designs that my head is feeling quite overtaken at the moment. I am in a wonderful mood, I have just finished another drawing of model Charlotte Free above, drawing with pencils and watercolours and edited digitally. I have also gotten more grades back from uni this semester and I cannot believe how well I have done! I felt so under pressure to get everything done this semester and cried countless times, but it seems to have strangely paid off! I got all HD's for my theory class, and for studio I got 3 D's, 2 C's and only 2 P1's, so I am over the moon with joy and relief. Now I just have to wait for my marks for web design and then I will be content.

I also went and got my P2 license because I will be on holidays when my current licence expires, so I needed to do that. I was scared at first because they gave me the wrong test and I managed to get a question wrong and fail the first part! :( But luckily they realised it was the wrong test and gave me the actual one. It was easy and I passed, thankfully! :3 I have such a fear of driving, I always feel like there is too much power to be had when driving; the slightest mistake can cause harm to you or others, and that's what scares me most. I only want to drive when it is necessary.

Okay that is enough of my rambles, I shall leave you with a lovely quote from one of my favourite books, The Secret Garden:

"Where you tend a rose, my lad, A thistle cannot grow."

Florence + the Machine - Seven Devils

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Anita said...

Lovely blog.

Tilly said...

Well done on your uni grades! I bet you feel so relieved now ehe O_O Your drawings (from what i've seen on here!) are terrific!

Aww man i need to start driving! I definetly know what you means in regards to the fear O_o xxx

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