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Hello everyone!

I hope you all had a merry Christmas and a happy New Years Eve! I'm very sorry for not updating my blog in what seems like forever, but I'll promise to try and blog once every week just to stay updated.

I spent my new years and Christmas at home with my family, which was good as I only come home from uni once a year, so it's good to spend some time at my home and sleeping in my old bedroom. I have been working on a drawing since I have come back home, but I have stopped because I find so many other things to do and completely forget all about it! But I will try my best to finish it, maybe by the end of this week. The weather has been so awfully hot this entire week, so I haven't felt like doing much apart from laying motionless by the air con all day, but somehow I have managed to build up the strength to keep up my exercise regime.

One film I am really excited to see this year the The Great Gatsby with Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan. I also love Baz Lurhmann's work, especially the Romeo + Juliet film which is one of my favourite movies ever. I hope it will be really good; I don't understand why people say how Leo has become "ugly" with age and he was so much more attractive during the 90's. Given he was very attractive then, I think he is still darn good looking now!

I have done a bit of online shopping and have bought these items:
Ladakh Mississippi Queen Dress, $29.00

Ladakh Russian Doll Blouse, $10.00

Minkpink Marianne Top, $25.00

Finders Keepers State of Love shorts, $25.00

Minkpink Sister of the Moon dress, $29.00

August Street Brohelm bodysuit, $15.00

All in all a good shopping experience for christmas!

I went op-shopping with my mum recently and she found this One Teaspoon Almost Famous Pixie dress, with all tags still attached and happened to be my size! I thought that was lucky. :)

I'll leave you all now with some images that have inspired me recently.

The Beach Boys - Kokomo

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Tilly said...

Ohh i've been longing to watch that film for a while now! I think you have swayed me hehe. Leo is most definetly still a babe!

I hope you had a wonderful new year! <3 xx

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