Flowery Language

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Flowery. Address, balderdash, big talk, bombast, composition, discourse, elocution, eloquence, flowery language , fustian, grandiloquence, hot air, hyperbole, magniloquence, oration, oratory, pomposity, rant, verbosity.
Flowery - flow·er·y (flou-r)
adj. flow·er·i·er, flow·er·i·est
1. Of, relating to, or suggestive of flowers: a flowery perfume.
2. Abounding in or covered with flowers.
3. Full of ornate or grandiloquent expressions; highly embellished: a flowery speech.
4. abounding in flowers
5. decorated with flowers or floral patterns
6. like or suggestive of flowers a flowery scent
7. (Literature / Rhetoric) (of language or style) elaborate; ornate
flower·i·ness n.

I am a habitual user of flowery language, I just can't help it. I adore the English language in all its complexities and finesse, like an intricately woven silk fabric that gleams white gold in the brightest rays of sunlight. I love flowers too, every single type of flower is beautiful in its way and I love visiting Botanic Gardens just to see the vast array of flower species that inhabit the terrain. Something I'd like to start is flower pressing, because I think the permanence of the flower as retained in a book or in a special album is much like creating a tactile memory that encompasses different senses, particularly scent.

English has evolved and reemerged as a new and improved butterfly of expression, speech, writing and thought throughout the history of its existence; each new century words are added and changed, continuing the metamorphosis of the language as a whole into a complex and overbearing conglomeration of letters.

Reading and writing letters is a lovely past-time, which I also wish to take up again. I once regularly kept correspondence with childhood friends when I had moved interstate. It was a wonderful and exciting feeling that gives you butterflies when you hear a letter has arrived in the mailbox for you. I quite miss that feeling. I might even consider taking up pen pals, as this is something I've been thinking of trying when I was younger too, but never quite got around to doing anything about it. Even if there are mistakes in the letter writing or it is messy, blotchy and hurried in some areas, I think this adds to the charm and thought put into the letter; the person has considered how they fill the page with the particular words they choose to group together, the heady scent of the ink can still be smelled on the paper from the writing and the paper may smell of a specific scent that is used to associate with that person - it's so personal. There's something just so tactile and evocative about reading letters - the pen used, the paper and envelopes written on and sealed carefully and well as the stamps chosen - there's obviously a great deal more love and effort put into them, which is why I really miss this old fashioned way of communication in the 21st century (however, I cannot deny my love of the digital age and everything it has offered me, either).

When I think of words, I never really consider them as just random letters organised in such a fashion that create something with meaning. When I peruse the Oxford Dictionary for a particular English word, I sometimes like to imagine the words as part of a giant alphabet soup and I am fishing for the right combination of letters as I flick through the pages, looking for each corresponding letter in the word as each letter follows the last. Sometimes I just enjoy throwing the book gently into the air and seeing which page it lands on, whereupon I read through the various meanings and pronunciations of each word on that spread page. I love reading, I love writing, I love letters, I love thesauruses and dictionaries and I love words. I love the English language.

1. Feeling nostalgic over looking through childhood photographs of myself. I had style!
2. A self portrait, for my future website which I am in the process of building.
3. Summer fruits combined with Greek yogurt and natural organic honey make for a nice dinner. Fruit salad, yummy yummy!
4. Drawing lovely looking male models with perfect hair and perfect clothing. I wish all boys dressed lovely like this regularly, instead of in jeans hanging off their posteriors.
5. Beautiful, beautiful wedges I purchased online for only $30 + free shipping! They sparkle like golden fragments of citrine gemstones in the bright light and feel like I am walking on light fluffy marshmallows.
6. A lovely little visitor happened upon my doorstep in his mother's cozy pouch - a little joey kangaroo.

Also, here is another playlist for you all to enjoy while you day-dream, drink cups of tea, study or eat cake. It is focused on the beauty of the English countryside and being an anglophile. There are many instrumental pieces from period films which I just adore the scores of. ♡

Anglophilic Tendencies from bambisvalentine on 8tracks Radio.

Until next post my lovelies,

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