O, Moon
Though the desert bush land landscape is harsh and dry in the summer months, the sky can never be relinquished of its other worldly beauty. As the sky fades into the night and transforms into a beautiful deep hue of indigo blue - iridescent as a sapphire gemstone refracting light into millions of shattered light particles all around the room, creating a spectrum of dancing reflections, all competing to be in the same spotlight on the stage that is the sapphire's environment - the moon emerges from its graceful presence over some other face of the world to preside it's reign over this face of the earth. The emergence of the crystal clear glowing moon heralds the need for company, in the form of the stars. A single lone star joins the clear sky and takes its place beside the waning gibbous of the moon and there they coexist in all their spangled lustrous glory, two seemingly and deceptively small elements in the vast expanse of the silken gossamer evening sky, greater than what they seem and more influential in our lives than we can comprehend. For the moon controls the tides of the oceans that inhabit the earth, deep and wide pools filled in the salty tears of many years come and past, while the stars glow hot with pulsing energy and life, providing maps for travelers and journey-men throughout the ages, mysterious and full of intrigue as they are, resembling miniature un-linked objects of some celestial connect-the-dots game, where humanity is left with the great task of decoding their meaning, but never reaching a conclusion. But do we need to decode the stars, or the moon, to bring meaning to our lives? Can we be content with the knowledge we have and leave a little of the existing mystique and intrigue to their existence? For the evening sky in the desert is a beautiful thing to behold.

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Here is a playlist I compiled dedicated to the moon, stars and dreaming of faraway places.

☆ Through a Stargazer's Eyes ☆ from bambisvalentine on 8tracks Radio.

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Anonymous said...

omg this is incredibly beautiful, I lOVE IT , at this moment I'm feeling a bit nostalgic , my favorite part definetely has to be: some celestial connect-the-dots game

Leah said...

@regina Aw thank-you lovely :3

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