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Hello lovelies,

Once again, I have been distant from my blog, but I am updating to show you some of the work I have been feverishly working on during the time since I last posted.

I'm working on some covers for publications for three Shakespeare plays. I chose a play from each of the three genres - history, comedy and drama and started to illustrate some concepts for them. I wanted to select characters that were most intriguing to me from each of the plays, so they could be the focal point of the cover design. So far I'm just trying to illustrate and test to see what works and what doesn't, so below are examples of what I've been drawing.

Illustrations of plants for Hamlet - some rue, fennel, a violet and a daisy.

Puck illustration for A Midsummer Night's Dream book cover.

Falstaff illustration for Henry IV Part One book cover.

Ophelia illustration for Hamlet book cover.

I've also been working on other stressful projects (including the making of my portfolio) so I wont be able to post for a while, a few more weeks until I've finished classes, then I might have a few spare moments to write. But as of now, I have barely any time.

So good-bye until next time!

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