A Whiter Shade of Pale
Hello lovelies! ♡♡♡

I somehow managed to finish my intensive uni course, now I will just be waiting on the results. But it was really difficult, I had to basically make and finish everything in the night before the project was actually due. I was up until around 3.20am and my mum thought I was mental, but as I try to tell myself, you must suffer for your art! I have had one week to recover and spend time with my family, so I would take a break from reality and the internet and get back into fresh air and natural surroundings. I also took it as time to reflect and mourn on the loss of my beloved pet dog, who sadly passed away - it shocked me and I think I will continue to carry a heaviness within myself for a while, but time will heal all wounds.

R.I.P my love.

While it's been freezing cold over here at the moment, I am cheering myself up with beautiful spring shades - I love all pastel colours and I can't wait until spring to start wearing more light and airy clothing, like chiffon shirts and skater skirts, without requiring a woollen jumper over the top to give me warmth! Both Chanel and Tsumori Chisato have been inspiring me lately with these collections, filled with sugary sweet clothing. The first four images are items of clothing living inside my wardrobe.

Found this dress whilst thrifting, it is an old school Katie's piece; I just really love the lilac colour and the destroyed, kinderwhore-esque hemline. It adds character.

This was also found thrifting - I just couldn't go past the marshmallow pink colour. It is such a cute little sweater for transeasonal weather.

This was from Dotti during a sale - it has lace and also velvet, so it is a winner in my books.

This was a thrifted item, how cute is it?!? I call it my marshmallow top as it is so frilly and pink! Its really lovely and light, a quirky twist on the gypsy/peasant style tops.

Chanel Resort 2013 and Tsumori Chisato Fall 2011. Images from http://www.vogue.com.au/fashion+shows/ready+to+wear/chanel+2013,s9407 (Photographer: Yannis Vlamos / GoRunway.com) + tumblr.com

I found these amazing shoes online and was debating about their wearability for the longest time, but after showing others the shoes I decided that they would be a lovely addition to my little wardrobe. They were already on sale and I also had a coupon to use at the checkout, so they were further reduced, which is always nice. :) They did not look so glittery on the website but in real life...wow. They are simply pure beauty. Under down lights they sparkle so intensely I am sure that I will blind people if they get too close to them! They give me nostalgia for the glitter jelly shoes I owned when I was young, except with ten times the sparkle factor. They give a new meaning to the term twinkle toes!

Also, if someone would like to buy me these Ellery x Graz Quixote sunglasses for my 21st I would be eternally grateful! :)

This song is currently on repeat in my playlist :3

That's all for now!

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