Hello all! I recently finished a new illustration which I have been meaning to finish for the longest time, but uni has just gotten in the way of everything. But in this one week I have had free from uni, I have managed to accomplish more for myself then the 13-14 weeks of constant stress I've had. I just really needed this week, although it isn't all that long of a time, it is long enough for me to recover and get ready for next week, where I'll be starting my 3 week intensive packaging course.
Anyway, this is the finished illustration.

Stevie Nicks

Seeing as I have had the time, I have also begun another portrait which is of Boudicca, who is one of my la femme heroes. I have been waiting for ages to find the time to actually start this portrait. I think I will not have it finished by the end of the week, but I will definitely finish it during the mid-year break. I become really invested in my illustrations, as I take the time to research the subject matter and become interested in the history and other factors surrounding the topic I've decided to illustrate around. It is just in its first early stages but I hope I will be able to translate the final image I have in my mind onto the paper.

That is all for now, I shall leave you all with a song I have been coveting at the moment by one of my all-time favourites, Marina and the Diamonds.

Marina + the Diamonds - Bubblegum Bitch

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I love your illustration, great colors!

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