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Some recent purchases I have made:

Two chiffon shirts which are really great to wear with pretty much everything in my wardrobe!

An amazing peach silk shirt from Bardot that was on sale for $20 from $50, so a good saving!

I have wanted a leather skirt forever and finally I have obtained one whilst vintage shopping that is in my size AND the right length.

Some cute high waisted dark denim shorts for summer, which will also look nice with tights in winter.

I have waited for so long for this Sportsgirl eye shadow palette to go on sale, and just last week it finally did, so I snatched it up right away! The colours are amazing, there is a really nice sky blue I love, as well as a lovely purple.

I decided to buy the entire lipstick range from Sportsgirl after buying one to try - they are seriously amazing and so opaque and long-wearing for their price. I actually prefer lipstick to lipgloss, because I don't much fancy the sticky wet feeling lipgloss gives me. A nice matte lipstick for me anyday!

I have nothing orange in my closet, but I decided to purchase this Dotti tee on sale, and it actually looks pretty good with my colouring, which is surprising because extreme bright colours sometimes make me look bad. But I do like this colour blocking trend going around, although I don't know if I could pull it off, too many brights are overwhelming to me.

I found this little number in a $1 pile at a sunday market stall in the city, it's really cute and the most loveliest shade of cupcake pink. the embroidery and pearl buttons are a really nice touch. :)

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are you dressing up or dressing down said...

Loving the shirts and the leather shorts! x

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