a flower by any other name...

I remember sometimes preserving flowers as a child in books, if they were really special flowers. I think it's something lovely to do to remember a moment in time, its almost like a time capsule, keeping records of flowers given by loved ones or the flowers you found when you went exploring. Living in the city, I find it hard to seek out nature and the only escape is to walk to the botanic gardens to lose myself in a jungle of many varieties of plants. I prefer to live among nature than the coldness of the concrete city, but it's not something that I can choose, since university demands that I live close by. Still, I think I want to buy a scrapbook and start collecting flowers to press, because it just seems like such lovely pastime.

Penguin Cafe Orchestra - Perpetuum Mobile

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Nora. said...

ohhh these pressed flowers are gorgeous!! I used to do this when I was a kid! <3!



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