Tuesday Museday #1: Rihanna

I want to introduce a new post theme to my blog, where I discuss my muses—people whose style inspire me and influences my own approach to what I wear. For my first feature, I will be discussing Rihanna. I've been inspired and influenced by her Rihanna's style for some time now—she just seems to be able to pull off any look she creates, whether it be edgy and modern, or timeless and feminine.


I absolutely loved Rihanna's look on her debut cover of US Vogue in 2013, shot by Annie Leibovitz. The "Ariel" (the little mermaid) red shade of her hair works so well with the elegant gown, picking up the patches of red in the lacework pattern. The dress is by Chanel's Pre Fall 2011 collection, which featured some amazing Byzantine era-themed pieces. I love lace fabrics—I find that certain pieces can be dressed up or down depending on the situation. For example, a lace midi skirt can easily transition from a daytime (I would usually style with a basic t-shirt or singlet to balance out the figure-hugging skirt) to night-time look with the addition of accessories and a crop top. Providing the lace is of good quality, I believe you can't really go wrong with it.


Ahh, where would I be without matching sets?! Firstly, they are the most versatile clothing to style, because while you can wear them as the set, they can also be worn apart, making for infinite outfit possibilities. I've seen Rihanna wearing multiple twin-set outfits, but one of the outfits she wore on her 2013 Diamonds World Tour is my favourite. I think she looks like an Egyptian goddess in the fiery-red crop top and matching draped, asymmetrical skirt. The outfit was designed by Rihanna's own costume designer, Adam Selman.


Denim is timeless, and one of its many forms in that of a jacket. In her latest music video (accompanied by Kayne West and Paul McCartney) Rihanna has a natural look going on, stripped down to basics in terms of both make-up and clothing. She wears an over-sized denim jacket in a classic true blue, which reminds me of the 1980's Levi silhouettes which are constantly making resurgences over the years. The jacket is a vintage Sean John jacket. The over-sized, boxy fit is a classic jacket cut and one which I love and I'm sure I'll continue to love.


This is probably one of my all-time favourite looks Rihanna was worn. For the Christian Dior Cruise 2015 show in 2014, she wore an amazing little pink silk number by—of course—Dior. True to her style, I really like how she edgy-ified (not a word, I know) the dress with her hair, accessories and make-up. Especially those pearl double-end Dior earrings. The dress is the perfect shade of baby-pink with a drop waist cut, with a high-neck and short sleeves. It is classy and modern, and also looks comfortable to wear.


The dress that was the talk of the internet for a week (or more), with divided opinion. While it may have been controversial or too revealing to some, I thought it was elegant, unique and beautiful. The dress was also designed by Adam Selman and features 230,000 Swarvoski crystals. It makes Rihanna look like she is just dripping in diamonds, like a waterfall and also brings her song—aptly titled Diamonds—to the forefront of my mind. The wrap adds a touch of old school Hollywood to the look and the matching gloves and headscarf complete the look. In looking behind-the-scenes images of the making of the dress, I am amazed at how painstakingly each crystal was applied onto the fishnet fabric, . The phrase 'every little detail matters' really applies to this dress and it sure paid off in the final result. She is legit goals.


For the final look, I've chosen one of the outfits she wore in her shoot for Rolling Stone in 2013. In this look, Rihanna wears a Christopher Kane leather jacket from the Fall 2010 collection, a black bodycon knee-length skirt and Manolo Blahnik Chaos sandals. This jacket is my favourite as it has the perfect mix of edgy rock n' roll vibes and feminine floral detailing. The overall look has an air of office-chic through the classic white button up and pencil skirt, but is modernised and taken to a different place through the addition of the leather jacket and gold necklace.

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