I am struggling to comprehend how I haven't written on my little nook of the internet in over two months! Time has just escaped me once again as I am in the final semester of my degree and the year, so understandably this has been my top priority, unfortunately. But it wont be like this forever, promise! ∞

I'm still under pressure even though I am on my 2 week mid-semester break (break, what break?!) so this post will just consist of my Instagram updates and some inspo to carry you through the rest of the week.

1. Illustrating flower blooming stages for a project.
2. Post workout brekky consisting of yummy Greek yoghurt, muesli, fruits and nuts. The only way I can get through my workout is if I know I'm gonna be eating this afterwards!
3. Illustrating.
4. Project progress for a made-up organic dried fruit company I am currently designing packaging for as part of a uni project.
5. Some more work on my organic dried fruit company's branding.
6. Illustrating creepy weird little insects (something new for me!) and working on some handmade typography for a collaborative project.

My inspo of late has consisted of largely Spring/Summer vibes, as here in Australia we are currently in the midst of Spring and the heat is slowly coming back into the air. My mind has been all over the place as I struggle to keep a float of my projects for uni, which I think is reflected back into my bipolar, justaposed inspo of these past two months.

Until next time! x

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