Yes. I have finally decided to start writing again on my little ol' blog. So I suppose an update is in order. I've just finished the semester, although I still have to finish my thesis, which is due in two weeks eep! I have written everything, now I am just going through the editing process. I've completed my studio work and it has been a crazy ride with lots of ups an downs (emotionally and physically) but I feel it's all been rewarding in the end.

Also, Lana Del Rey released Ultraviolence, which I have listened to non stop from the day it came out!

At the end of May, I wrote another collab post for Kanon's blog here! I've discussed Sailor Moon and why she was my childhood feminist icon.

I've also been creating some personal illustration work too, as featured below.

Flume aka Harley Streten - what a BABE!

A rather attractive male model - I like boys with flowers a little haha

"Argos" (Hera, Queen of the Goddesses)

Here's a few snapshots of my past two months

1. shorts by DINI Clothing - visit her website here, the clothes are amazing and so unique!
2. Sunglasses from Quay and lipstick from Dragonberry - my game is on point.
3. Illustrating ft. a beautiful collar gemstone necklace by From St. Xavier.
4. Cameo Topiary tee - I love this print!
5. Wearing Lia and Co. choker and a Keepsake the Label floral maxi dress - love!
6. So after over a year of wanting these shoes, I've finally managed to snag myself two pairs in both black and white on sale! Just my lucky stars - they are the ever-popular Windsor Smith Chunks of course.

My recent inspirations have emerged from nature, the 90s and plenty of wintry black and white pieces. I love flowers of all colours and find them so amazing, as you can all probably tell by now! I've also been loving hand written typography with simple phrases and words.

So that's basically all I have to catch up on! Until next time! x

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I love Lana too! nice writing I love your blog! :)



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